Acupuncture Techniques

1. With needles
2. Without needles

With needles

Acupuncture is performed by using special filliform needles. They are hair thin needles, 1/10th of an injection needle, made of various metals like:- stainless steel, silver, gold,bronze etc. Most commonly used are stainless steel needles. They are available in different sizes and thickness. Most commonly used are 0.25mm x 25mm. Special cosmetic acupuncture needles are used for face.
These needles are inserted on special acupuncture points located on the surface of skin. They are inserted with minimal discomfort. They are Pyrogen free single use disposable sterilized needles.




Without needles

For patients afraid of needles, following needleless methods are available :-


Moxibustion treats and prevents diseases by applying heat to specific acupuncture points or certain locations of the human body.  The material used is mainly moxa wool in the form of a cone or stick.  Moxa wool is a dried form of a herb called Artemisia Vulgaris.  Few functions of moxibustion are- to warm meridians and expel cold, to induce the smooth flow of Qi and blood , to strengthen yang and to prevent diseases and keep healthy. Different forms of moxibustion therapy include the use of moxa wool on ginger, garlic, salt and acupuncture needles.  Different diseases which are treated by moxibustion include asthma, chronic diarrhea, indigestion, painful joints, tuberculous lymph nodes and impotence.


2) Scraping Therapy

Scraping therapy is an acupuncture skill without penetration of the skin, a bloodletting therapy without bleeding and a massage without direct hand manipulation. Scraping is a treatment technique for loosening and relaxing the skin by the use of a stone scraper on the surface of skin at the acupuncture meridians. This therapy is mainly applied in the case of common cold, fever, heat stroke, acute gastroenteritis and pain in the shoulder, back , legs etc. The tools are materials with smooth edges such as Jade stone, Jade Combs, lubricated with special herbal oil ( Guasha).


Cupping method is a therapeutic approach of attaching small jars after creating vaccum to cause local congestion.  There are different types of cupping methods example:- Light cupping, Strong cupping, Moving cupping, Needle cupping, Moxa cupping, Bleeding cupping, Herbal cupping.  Cupping regulate the flow of Qi and blood by opening the pores of the skin and  removing the pathogens.  The effect of this therapy can be classified into two categories:-  The General ( purification of blood, improvement of circulatory functions, regulation and betterment of automatic nervous system and the local ( removal of pain , relaxation of stiff muscles, etc.  Cupping therapy is suitable for the treatment of pains, Bi-syndromes, diseases of the digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems, some skin conditions such as boils and eczema, wind stroke ( facial paralysis), weakness of the muscles, high blood pressure and common colds.


Soft laser therapy is the type of treatment in which soft laser with low energy output is used on the acupuncture points so that the temperature of the treated tissue does not rise above the normal body temperature. The numerous proven biological effects of laser therapy are :-
Stimulation of cell growth, regeneration of cells, increased tissue activity, anti-inflammatory, oedema reduction, revascularization, reduced fibrous tissue formation and stimulation of nerve function. The types of soft lasers used in this treatment are:- Diode lasers with various wavelengths having qualities of both infrared as well as helium-neon lasers. The diseases that are treatable by acupuncture can also be treated by using lasers on the acupuncture points, mainly skin diseases, arthritis, asthma, addictions, pains etc. This is specially useful for the patients who are very apprehensive of acupuncture needles.


This is a highly versatile electro therapeutic instrument offering state of the art microcurrent therapies, high intensity milli amp.currents, and milli and microamp interferential currents in one machine. Main advantage of this equipment is that it is a needleless device used for:-

i. Pain Management :- Excellent for pain control with 70% treatment efficacy in acute and chronic pains, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, Headaches, neuropathies, fibromyalgia, sports injuries.
ii. Reduction in Healing period :- Acutron reduces healing recovery period by 40-60%.
iii. Treatment of diseases which are amenable to Acupuncture can be treated effectively with Acutron.

6) Color Puncture

Colour Puncture is an effective, gentle , pain – free & non – invasive treatment method specially for people who are fearful of needles, children & non-cooperative adults. It does not cause any side effects.

• In color puncture we use 7 colors of light logically and effectively on acupuncture points and some special zones so as to harmonize the body’s bio-energy flowing in 14 channels.
• Source of light is a simple torch/ colour therapy unit with 6 optics. The desired color is obtained by using color filter. This colored light is then passed through a crystal with prism tip which touches the skin on specific acupuncture points and some special zones.
• Different colours ( Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red ) have specific indications of diseases for treatment. For Ex:- Blue colour is used in all painful conditions, Red colour is used for poor blood circulation, Yellow colour is used for improving the concentration power and nerve functions, Green colour is used for digestion problems and eye diseases, etc.


7) Auricular Acupuncture with Magnets and Infra Red Devices

Ear acupuncture therapy is to treat diseases by stimulating certain points of the auricle with needles.  Ear is not a separate organ but closely connected with channels and collaterals.  Clinically, diseases of various parts of the body can be cured by needling the corresponding auricular points, which may promote free circulation of qi and blood in the channels and collaterals and adjust the internal organs. When disorders occur in the internal organs or other parts of the body, various reactions may appear at the corresponding parts of the auricle, such as tenderness, decreased resistance to electric current, morphological changes and discoloration.


8) Ultrasonopuncture

Ultrasound machines are a treatment modality that utilize high or low frequency sound waves. These sound waves are transmitted to the surrounding tissue and vasculature through the head of ultrasound machine. They penetrate the muscles to cause deep tissue/muscle warming (Thermal effect). This promotes tissue relaxation and therefore is useful in treating muscle tightness and spasms. The warming effect of the sound waves also cause vessel vasodilatation and increase circulation to the area that assists in healing. The frequency on the machine can be adjusted to use waves that will decrease inflammation and increase mobility in the joints.
This treatment offers flexible ultrasound systems with dual frequency operation that can function alone or in combination with electrotherapy.
Various indications for ultrasound therapy are conditons such as arthritic pains, gastric ulcers, eczema, asthma haemorrhoids, urinary incontinence, eye diseases and quick physical rehabilitation after any injury or fracture.

9) TDP Heater

TDP Infra Red Heater:- The essential Component of TDP apparatus is a therapeutic plate that is made from a mixed coat of more than 30 kinds of selected elements. Under a heat up to 200-400 degree C, TDP can produce a spectrum of electromagnetic waves carrying tens of elementary-information and energy, it is of a comprehensive biological effect on organisms. It is called "Miracle Lamp" in World !

Main applications of TDP therapeutic apparatus are :

• Significant effect on infant diarrhoea, sustained & obstinate diarrhea
• Fast healing of soft tissue injuries & surgical wounds.
• Patients with rheumatoid arthritis & headache may be relieved or recovered in few hours or in 2-3 days.
• For extravasated blood, thrombus, haematoma and edema, it has good result of promoting self absorption.
• For blood circulation obstruction. Microcirculation barrier and varix, it has a peculiar therapeutic effect.
• For dysmenorrhoea in pubescent girls.
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