Doctor's Feedback


The course is very informative, easy to understand and comprehend which is a dire necessity to practice acupuncture successfully. Dr. R.K. Srivastava M.D. Consultant Anesthesiologist. 

(Dr. R.K Srivastava, Anesthesiologist)



(Dr. Vineet Bhatia, M.D. Consultant Internal medicine)

The course opened for me new gates of knowledge. I feel this is very good for practicing physicians in in diversifying their approach and providing opportunities to cure patients who do not respond to our system of medicine. Dr. Vineet Bhatia M.D. Consultant Internal medicine.


(Dr. Navin Masand, Physician)

Ancient art of medicine unfolded in a simple and beautiful manner. Dr. Navin Masand M.D. ( physician)




(Dr. Radhika, Gynecologist)

The one to one  interaction and personal efforts by Dr. Sunita Kapur in the IGNOU course helped me to understand the basic fundamentals and clinical applications of acupuncture and  instilled confidence in me to be able to practice it in my clinical practices. Dr. A.G. Radhika Gynecologist



(Dr. Charu Lata, Gynecologist)

Acupuncture course at IGNOU helped me to convincingly understand the diagnostic and therapeutic gaps in my understanding of medicine. Dr. Charu Lata Gynecologist




(Dr. Manish Gupta, Family Physician)

The PGDACP course was conducted seamlessly with interactive contact sessions helping us learn the basics of this wonderful holistic science.  Monthly web conference gave us an opportunity to meet the experts and get our questions answered from the comforts of our home.
All in all very well planned out and executed programme, a definite must for those interested !!



(Dr. Vasantha,Physician)

PGDACP course is a wonderful course for all medical doctors.  We have learned Acupuncture without disturbance in our private clinic.  It gave me a lot of confidence to see the patient’s symptoms in different angle and treat them quickly.  I am going to start a new clinic in Tamilnadu next month… this confidence come from this course and our doctors Dr. Sunita Kapur & Dr. Raman Kapur. All qualified doctors must learn Acupuncture to treat the people without side effects.  I am proud of being an Acupuncture student…



(Dr. Avanindra Prakash, Anesthetist)

I count myself fortunate to have studied under Dr. Sunita Kapur’s guidance not only because of her excellent grasp of the subject but also due to her passion for teaching it, a passion that she transfers to her students via her pedagogic style during the contact sessions.  The course is able to adhere to the standards expected of a medical discipline.  As an anesthesiologist, I have found the PGDACP course useful not merely as a tool for pain therapy but for overall preoperative management.






(Dr. K.S Chandra, Physician)

I from the core of my heart thank you all, specially Madam Dr. ( Mrs.) Sunita Kapur, who very enthusiastically taught us the complete medical Acupuncture course.

Ancient art of medicine unfolded in a simple and beautiful manner.Dr. Navin Masand M.D. ( physician)

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