The Indira Gandhi National Open University, known as IGNOU is a national university with its headquarters in New Delhi, Delhi, India. Named after former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, the university was established in 1985 with a budget of 2000 crore, when the Parliament of India passed the Indira Gandhi National Open University Act, 1985 (IGNOU Act 1985).


IGNOU, the largest university in the world with 3,500,000 students; was founded to impart education by means of distance and open education, provide higher education opportunities particularly to the disadvantaged segments of society, to encourage, coordinate and set standards for distance and open education in India and strengthen the human resources of India through education. Apart from teaching and research, extension and training form the mainstay of its academic activities. It also acts as a national resource centre, and serves to promote and maintain standards of distance education in India. IGNOU hosts the Secretariats of the SAARC Consortium on Open and Distance Learning (SACODiL) and the Global Mega Universities Network (GMUNET) initially supported by UNESCO.

IGNOU currently serves approximately 3.5 million students in India and 40 countries abroad. Approximately 20% of all students enrolled in higher education in India are enrolled with IGNOU. IGNOU offers 175 academic programs comprising 1100 courses at certificate, diploma and degree levels through twenty one schools.   All the Medical programmes including “Post Graduate Diploma in Acupuncture”, are under the School of Health Sciences (SOHS).



We, Dr. Sunita Kapur & Dr. Raman kapur are both medical graduates from Delhi University.  Dr. Raman Kapur started practicing Acupuncture about 30 years ago in (1981) and Dr. Sunita kapur joined him in the same practice about 23 years ago.  It was always our cherished dream to impart good training to our colleagues who were keen on learning Acupuncture, but found it difficult to visit China to learn Acupuncture due to language problem and huge amount of cost involved.

So took place the birth of Institute of Acupuncture and natural medicines ( IANM) in 1992.  It was formerly called ( ICANM).  Since last 19 years, we have been giving lecture courses and practical training to doctors at the Institute.  The basic class-room course in Acupuncture for a medical doctor is for 4 weeks (short term course), it includes a total teaching period of over 140 hours.

However, we always felt, that it is better to conduct a one to one class room course, with only a small group of 5-10 doctors.  But, then came the Internet Revolution, and with that we started getting requests from colleagues, both from India and abroad to develop an online course.  Our medico colleagues thought , due to their busy work schedule, it would be very convenient for them to study the theory content online and then to visit  us for a short time for hands-on training in Acupuncture.

Due to untiring  efforts of both of us, this dream of an online acupuncture course was fulfilled.  So all the class room training was now available to you at your own personal computer, where you can learn at your leisure, whenever you are free, without bothering to miss your busy practice to attend regular classes.  For details , visit website:-
www.icanm.com All the doubts are solved by your tutor- Dr. Sunita Kapur, through the instant feedback mechanism .

This gave birth to the most comprehensive certificate course on Acupuncture on the web in the year 2003.  We have developed the course to help you learn acupuncture with the utmost ease unparalleled                  
by  material in acupuncture texts and title.  This has been done by our amazingly clear conceptualizations & animations that appear in all difficult topics through the course to give you a clear understanding of the subject matter.  We have used the latest technological tools to develop these learning aids specially for you.  Excellent illustrations form a part of the course.  This helps to understand and clarify your concepts in acupuncture.

(home page of www.icanm.com)


Indira Gandhi National Open University ( IGNOU) having its principal office at Maidan Garhi, New Delhi.


Institute of Acupuncture and Natural Medicine ( IANM), with office at N-9, Greater Kailash, Part-I, New Delhi-110048

Signed a Memorandum of understanding on 14th March, 2008 which laid the foundation for cooperation and joint action to support the development of Acupuncture education and training as the goal of higher learning in the country.

IANM developed the most comprehensive online course on Acupuncture with amazingly clear conceptualizations and animations.  This course is called “POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN ACUPUNCTURE”(PGDACP).  It was launched in collaboration between IANM and IGNOU on 26th September, 2008, by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of  IGNOU, Prof. V.N. Rajasekharan Pillai & is run under the SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES ( SOHS). It is for the first time that a University recognized course in Acupuncture was made available for Medical doctors.  This course is intended to strengthen the Methods of imparting knowledge of acupuncture to medical graduates.

It shall  help graduates of different systems of medicine to learn a new modality of therapy and utilize it for patient benefit in treating acute and chronic diseases.  For the first time a medical programme is offered online with contact sessions for practical training.  Internal assessment is done through online test/examination and term-end examinations.  The entire theoretical component is online and for practical training, the doctor can opt for any of 9 centres in India nearer to him/her.  These centre's are located at New Delhi, HublI ( Karnataka), Chennai ( Tamil Nadu), Indore ( Madhya Pradesh), Calcutta ( West Bengal), Kota ( Rajasthan), Rourkela ( Orissa), Thiruvananthapuram ( Kerala).

Acupuncture is a traditional method of therapy which is very well recognized world over and well accepted by the people as it does not have any side effects.  This method of treatment has been found to be useful in all types of diseases specially the chronic diseases.  Moreover, the cost of the treatment is less as compared to the other system of medicine.  Because of its broad based contents the course will be of relevance to those aspiring to make a career in Acupuncture.

The special feature of the programme is its excellent study material developed by Dr. Raman Kapur & Dr. Sunita Kapur, who are experts and specialists in Acupuncture.  Specialists in computer, communication and media technology have also been included to develop this programme.  This is the first medical programme which is being offered online.

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